I’ll happily design your PhD publication

You worked hard – so it’s worth having your PhD thesis designed beautifully.


Proefschrift Inez van Korlaar

Proefschrift Maarten Fischer

Proefschrift Marije Valenkamp


The Cover
1. You tell me about the subject of your thesis and about ideas you already have for a cover
2. I’ll make two concept designs
3. You choose one of these concepts: you tell me what you like/not yet like about it
4. I’ll then alterate the design (= correction round 1)
5. You react on that a second time
6. I will then finalize the design (= correction round 2)
7. After your approval I’ll deliver print-ready documents to your printer

Costs designing the cover
Step 1-7: € 300,00 (BTW excluded)
Need an extra correction round? Or do you have new ideas along the way? We’ll agree on the additional costs beforehand.

The text, figures and tables
I designed an elegant lay-out format to create a professional, clean and readible thesis. Here is an example of a PhD thesis I designed in this format.

Costs designing text, figures and tables
Costs depend on the amount of pages and the complexity of your figures and tables. Given these specifications, I’ll send you a quote.

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